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Instructional Support

Ms. Lacayo, Intervention coordinator 

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Ms. moore, instructional coach

Instructional Coach
My name is Courtney Moore, and this is my 16th year at 99th Street Elementary. I am currently the school’s instructional coach, and I was formerly an upper-grade teacher for several years. Teaching is my passion, and I will give my all to ensure that all students are college bound and career ready.
With the start of a fabulous new year, our 99th Street scholars are already being exposed to a variety of new learnings, and we want to be sure that their learning continues at home. Here’s how you can help:
Have your children talk to you about what they’ve read (or what you read to them), and ask them questions that require them to go back to the text to find the answers. This is a powerful reading strategy that ensures that scholars understand what they are reading. 
Each grade level has key math foundational skills that promote mathematical fluency. Ask your child’s teacher for practice resources they can use at home to work towards mastery of these standards, or feel free to stop by my office (Room 22) for math materials/resources you can use at home to work with your child. 
I look forward to a positive and productive new year!